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Growth Chamber Facility

This facility maintains 224 growth chambers providing stringent temperature, light and humidity control. The chambers are set up to meet the expectations of the researcher. Within the facility, specialized needs, i.e. low temperature control, high light requirements, tissue culture, CO2 injection and scrubbing can be provided. Chambers are monitored by the facility staff 365 days a year. The chambers are located in four locations: Molecular Plant Science, Plant Biology, Biochemistry and the Plant and Soil Sciences buildings. Currently, the facility has a total of 7,607 square feet of growing space. The rental charge is $6.49 per square foot per month. If you have any questions about the facility, please contact Cody Keilen (keilenco@msu.edu) or Nick Deason (deasonni@msu.edu) at (517) 353-7838.